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As you may have guessed, this site is about golf.  So if you’re looking for more perspective from another Joe Golfer like yourself then look no further.  I rate technology, equipment, golf courses pretty much anything golf related that strikes my fancy.   Read.  Comment.  And visit me often.

OK let’s be honest.  I play a lot of golf.  In between these rounds I do actually work.  And in between the work and golf I try to raise a family.

It isn’t easy but it’s possible.  The point is I play golf and there honestly isn’t enough time to play all the time.  So when I am not playing golf, raising a family or (egad!) working, I blog about what interests me, and my interests are few.  OK, I am one-dimensional, my interest is golf.

So if you’re as passionate about golf as I am, stick around.  Information like FREE Birthday golf interest you?  Or perhaps a review on a golf related website?  Anything at all.  You have come to the right place, because I am like you and misery always desires company.

Sit back and enjoy the read.  Comment here and visit me often at Golfing-Guru.com.

It’s not what I am.  It’s what I aspire.

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