Catalina Island Golf Course — A Golf Course Review

Things happen deliberately here.  No need to rush.
Things happen deliberately here. No need to rush.

Island living… it’s a whole different world.  Just 1 hour from the mainland, Catalina offers a nice escape while still being close enough to the city albeit an ocean going commute.

Island living it’s what I aspire. Played here last Monday; walked up and literally opened the place up. Folks walk their dogs on the grounds early AM so be mindful of them. Teed off at 7-ish. Finished 9 holes in an hour; replayed the 9 again and still had time to make it back to the Bed & Breakfast (Mt. Ada) before 9am. 

Rented clubs. Not my first choice.  It’s a mixed bag of old clubs so if you don’t mind hitting really tired/old clubs then give it a whack. Several of those clubs need to be regripped and the clubs didn’t feel right but with a little adjustment here and there you can satisfy your thirst for golf.  First 9 were spent trying to figure out the club’s tendencies and which clubs I could rely. The next 9 I at least figured out what these clubs would do. 

Greens are SLOW. They have some kikuya infestation and you will need to put the ball firmly. Ball ran pretty true; just a little bouncy on some of the greens. Everything breaks downhill and towards the town so be mindful of pin location. Fairways are a little brown except when you get closer to the hole. Green complexes are pretty green and have full coverage. Bunkers are typical municipal quality — a little loose on top with hard pack underneath. 

Pace of play was a sizzling 2 hours for 18 holes. Not bad considering it is an executive style course with NO par 5 just a mix of par 4 and 3s. It’s not a bad place to play considering it’s the only game in town (literally). It’s kinda casual here so expect to bump up against groups that move at a slower pace. Just be courteous and give way to the faster groups. 

Hole 2 a slight dogleg right with OB on the right.
Hole 2 a slight dogleg right with OB on the right.

Did I have fun? Playing golf as a single is always fun. Bring out a group of non golfers and a few beers perhaps antics will ensue. It’s was a fun round either way.

More photos to follow.  Also be sure to check out my reviews on www.Greenskeeper.Org the ORIGINAL “Know Before You Go” Crew!

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