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Memory Overload for Iphone

Let’s face it, smart phones of today are habit forming.  You have a powerful computer, message center, social media hub, flashlight, appointment book, and camera with video capability all in the power of your palm.  And that is just for starters.

Having an iPhone you learn a few tricks from playing with the infernal machine.  Sometimes it’s a blessing.  Other times, I am not so fortunate.  I have noticed that memory is an important feature of the phone you can control using a few very intuitive measures.  One of them is controlling the number of programs or apps that are currently running on your phone either currently or in the background.

Something they don’t tell you is that your smart phone memory is used to help in processing as well as storage.  So it stands to reason the number of programs you have running in the background can adversely affect your phone’s performance as well.

To shut down these unneeded apps just do the following:

  1. Unlock your phone.
  2. Press your ‘Home’ button twice.  The ‘Home’ button on an iPhone is located on the faceplate just below the screen and looks like this.    Pressing the ‘Home’ button twice in rapid succession will pull up a list of all the contacts and programs currently operating in the background.

    iPhone Home Button
    iPhone Home Button
  3. To shut down the programs you don’t want running simply push the program screen up until it disappears.  Keep doing that until all the apps have been shut down.

That should free up enough memory on your phone to take a few more photos of the kids.

More Screen Shots of GK Mobile App for your consideration

The User Login Screen looks slick.  So what’s so great about this app versus others?

GK Mobile may sport a new logo but under the hood of this beast of an app beats the combined contribution of over 65,000 members,  40,000+ Reviews, 20,000 + photos of over 1,700 golf courses.  It is a self-perpetuating model conceived by its founder JohnnyGK.

Coming soon -- The GK App by on iTunes
Coming soon — The GK App by on iTunes

No other site I know of offers members, both casual and serious, the most honest and up-to-date information about golf courses they want to play.

Members regularly contribute information about golf courses and their conditions.  Greenskeeper has evolved over the past 10 years into a much respected website in the golf industry.  Top that off with the book Social Golf, a how-to manual for golf course operators to leverage their own customer base using social media to grow their business. You would think GK Mobile would be a likely progression of this book — and you would be right.  GK Mobile may be a necessary piece of the puzzle for any golf course operator trying to contact these golf enthusiasts.

Unlike its competitors, GK Mobile comes out of the gates sprinting to the finish line.  It brings with it all the information on its still very successful website to a mobile platform.  No need to “build” it’s audience because the audience is already there.  No need to build up your database of golf course information because it’s already there.  And top it off with golf course maintenance alerts, a euphemism for green aeration, this blogger thinks it’s a winning combination for both the golf consumer and the golf course operator.

You can truly “Know Before You Go” Golf.  Literally.  Take that Golf Advisor!

You already know who you will be golfing with.  With GK Mobile you will know where and when to play at a golf course near you.

Keep swinging!

More on the GK Mobile App for iPhone

Coming soon -- The GK Mobile App by on iTunes
Coming soon — The GK App by on iTunes

To say the UI (User Interface) of the GK Mobile App looks sleek is an understatement.  For the user, it offers simple intuitive management of your local golf courses, all at your fingertips.

Get local feeds of current golf conditions by reviews written by golfers like you and me for golfers.

Get Maintenance and Aeration Alerts.  No other application or website offers a more substantial listing of HONEST golf conditions anywhere.

Know Before You Go golf.  Don’t get stuck playing a lemon.

Current applications I have seen only talk about creating foursomes.  Let’s face it folks golf is a solitary game.  It’s you against the golf course.  Find out where to play with the GK Mobile App — hell bring a friend or three– then bag your phone so you can enjoy your round.

Current apps will drain your battery.  Where is the functionality of an app if it kills your phone during a round of golf?

Instead, Know Before You Go!  Find out the 411 of where to play.  What local golf conditions of golf courses are in your area.  See Pictures of these golf courses.  Find out what other golfers like yourself will have to say about these golf courses.  All in an honest format that you understand and navigate.

Be ready for it golfers the GK Mobile App is coming!

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Understanding My Golf Game — Some Thoughts to Ponder

I may not look it but I resemble that photo
I may not look it but I resemble that photo

Ever hear these little phrases of sage advice? It’s never the golf equipment, it’s always the golfer. Never play against a player, play against the course. Focus on the green first then work your way further from the green to make yourself comfortable. Golf is reacting to your previous shot.  Recover.  Get the ball close; knock it in the hole.  Rinse.  Repeat.  All with the idea of doing that in as few strokes as possible.  Can it be that simple? I realize in my later years I can never play perfect golf.  Rather I have to play the hand that’s dealt.  Take my medicine and move on.  No one has ever really taught me golf course management but now I am beginning to think that managing my game, playing to my strengths, is what will take me to the next level in my golf game. My golf game has been stagnant.  And I think I understand why.  The easiest way to describe this is I am worrying too much about my mechanics and not enough on playing the shot I need to make to be successful.  I have noticed recently during a slump that I can still score if I play poorly; just focus on what is in front of me.  Stay in the game, so to speak. By envisioning the shot I need to make and where to place the ball has improved my game tremendously — putting included.  It has improved my scrambling skills greatly.  Once the idea is in my head I endeavor to execute.  It’s been that disconnect between the idea and the execution that has hindered me.  The idea of getting the ball close is fine but the meat of it is “where do I place the ball so I can get it close?”  The focus moves from just some random location next to the hole to where I think I should put the ball and how the ball will roll so I can get the ball close and perhaps save par or make a birdie.  It’s a fine line but definitely something more to think about.

What’s in your bag?

I try to walk when I play golf.  It gives me a chance to set myself up mentally for the next shot.

In order to walk without carrying too heavy a load, I have been forced to economize.  This is what is in my bag.

Titleist 9.5* 909D2
Titleist 13.5*909F2
Titleist 18.5* 909F2
Titleist 21* 910H
Ping PAL 3 Anser Putter 25″ with an oversized grip
Ping Eye2 irons PW – 5i
Sonartec 60* Wedge
Cleveland 56* Wedge

To keep myself entertained I have an assortment of Nick Knacks and my ‘SC Ball Marker.  I use a Sun Mountain Sunday Bag. It’s tiny! But still HEAVY! Finally a sleeve of Costco’s own Callaway golf balls.  It’s a great three piece ball

So what’s in your bag?

FORE – Summer 2014 : Golf Odyssey

At we have a resident Blogger by the name of Kieth (aka the Golf Nomad) with his website; his goal — to play golf in every state.  But his goals were not as lofty or as expensive as they are now.  In fact he had a rather modest goal which soon evolved into this one.

Find out how a Golfer “with limited funds,” can surmount such a feat.  Join our “Fodor” of Golf in his odyssey across America!

FORE – Summer 2014 : Golf Odyssey.

Marketing 101 — Giving Sizzle to your Product/Service

As I have said in the past marketing is the process of creating a message.

Not just any message but a simple, descriptive message that can create interest in your product or service.  Personally I like to keep that description to a single SIMPLE sentence.

Give that sentence some Sizzle.  Make it resonate with your audience.

My attention span is just that — fleeting.  I automatically tune out the noise.  Anything longer than a sentence and I typically zone out and focus on something else.  Must be my ADHD or something but the most difficult part of the marketing process is simplifying that description to its basest form so that it can easily understood, digested, and perhaps even acted upon.

Ask me about this site, and I typically tell my friends that bother to ask, “It’s a blog about golf through my eyes.”  If they are a golfer then they are interested  — and sometimes not.  If not well you’re not my market and I move on.

This is not to say I stick to my one sentence description.  In fact I expand on that description AFTER they have expressed an interest.  Why bother if they aren’t interested?  Focus on the ones that give their attention.

You need to separate the wheat from the chaff; from the disinterested to the interested.  You need to qualify your audience.  Stop wasting your time trying to be all things to all people.  Build your audience by focusing on those who would take an interest in your product/service and focus your one sentence definition that would resonate with them.  After that the rest is easy.

Just like I tell newbie sales folks in retail.  In retail when a shopper walks in your door you already have a customer.  The question you have to answer is what do they need that you have?  They already qualified themselves by walking into your door. The hard part — getting them in the door — is already done.  You just have to find out what they need.  Part of that is knowing your product.  The other part is asking the right questions to get to the bottom of what they want.  Likewise with simple one-sentence description of your product or service you can determine if there is interest.  From there you have to figure out for them how they can use what you have.