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FREE Birthday Golf Listing with the help of one staffer (Kona) and the founder JohnnyGK himself, we developed a pretty exhaustive list of FREE Birthday Golf.

Needless to say I am still pretty proud of the things I accomplished there.

So if you ever wanted to play a golf course with some of your friends and celebrate your birthday at the same time consider consulting perhaps one of the most up-to-date listings for FREE Birthday Golf I know about — The GK Birthday Golf List  — is the place to get informed.

And for the record, GK is a pretty good resource for aeration and maintenance alerts at your local golf courses.  So play informed with GK.

And if you do, be sure to tell your friends you heard about it from me.

Frustrations of a born-again Father

Yes.  I am born-again.  I am a father for the fourth time (get it, four kids) with ages ranging from late teens to infant.

The wonderful thing is I get to do it all over again.  The terrible thing is I get to do it ALL over again.

Do not pass go.  Do not collect $200.  Instead that goes into the jar for Junior’s college fund (split 4-ways of course.)

So as one child steps into adulthood, college, adult decisions whilst another can barely walk, it gives me time to think.  Is/was this a monumental waste of time or are they getting what I am trying to teach them?

You would think I would have written a book by now.  I read other blogs of parents saying how many kids they have and that they are experts.  Well I am here to tell you there is no expert out there.  Kids, for the little sociopaths they are, are self-serving.  You can steer them along the straight and narrow but you cannot shield them.  You can only give them the background — a spine if you will — to make a decision right or wrong and to stand by that decision whatever the result.

Me being the bad guy/disciplinarian well, I like things done a certain way.  I want things done when I need them to be done.  Not after their video game but now.  I know when to pick my fights.  I know when to put my foot down.  I ask them if they did their best.  If they can honestly say to themselves — honestly mind you — yes I did my best then win or lose that’s all that can be asked of you.  I preach this to my kids.  Wonder if they listen.

So are we all doomed?  I feel it sometimes but you take the good with the bad.  Or as my father always says, “Plan for the worse.  Hope for the best.”

You can only hope that their best is good enough to succeed in life because after all, isn’t that what we all want for our kids?

WestPack comes to Anaheim

OK this is not a former life.  I live for packaging.  Everything and I mean EVERYTHING comes in a package of one sort or another.

I defy you to tell me otherwise.

Point in fact.  The fruit you buy at the grocery store in bulk, they all have little stickers with numbers.  Guess what that is.  It tells the checker the part number and hence it’s price per pound or per piece.  That cereal box you used to pour your breakfast over a sliver of milk is that size for a reason — to get you to see the product and perhaps be inclined to buy it.

I sell packaging but not just any sort of packaging.  My specialty is Optical Disc media — you know those CD’s and DVD’s you buy for your music or your games.

My claim to fame…. you know those large drums that hold CD-R’s and DVD-R’s in bulk?  The original was my design.  We called it a BeeHive back in the day.  Nowadays they call them Cake Boxes.

Now my point.  There is none.

Just that WestPack a show for packaging is coming to Orange County and I mean to attend that show to get some ideas on the next big thing in packaging.  Because everything comes in a package and it might as well be bought and sold by yours truly.

Maybe the next big thing will be better food containers that keep food fresh, stack well and are dirt cheap.  Or maybe a higher-end looking Digital HDD case — wait, I already came up with that one.  I wonder….

WestPack Feb 11-13 Anaheim Convention Center
WestPack Feb 11-13 Anaheim Convention Center

18+.  Trade only.  February 11-13 at the Anaheim Convention Center.


CES (Consumer Electronics Show) kicks off tomorrow!

In my former life, I always looked forward to this time of the year. It always meant the CES was coming to Vegas and it always gave me the opportunity to see the next best gadget for the upcoming year.

I used to sell packaging to the game and music market. I still do to some small extent but it was never like those heydays of the 80-90’s. I can be nostalgic because I came into this market when music was still reel-to-reel and 8-track! Ah those were the days.

My humble opinion look to the smarter televisions and home automation categories. Those are always fun. If they come up with a better robot vacuum cleaner (a la Roomba). I may just break down and buy one or three. As for smarter phones unless they have some sort of super battery I won’t waste my time.

Admission is usually trade only but anyone with a business card, a pen and a creative flair can get in. (Dodgey up the card with your name and telephone /email and submit it. You may just get in for free!) 18+. Oh and don’t forget the AVN show at the Venitian (I think ).