CES (Consumer Electronics Show) kicks off tomorrow!

In my former life, I always looked forward to this time of the year. It always meant the CES was coming to Vegas and it always gave me the opportunity to see the next best gadget for the upcoming year.

I used to sell packaging to the game and music market. I still do to some small extent but it was never like those heydays of the 80-90’s. I can be nostalgic because I came into this market when music was still reel-to-reel and 8-track! Ah those were the days.

My humble opinion look to the smarter televisions and home automation categories. Those are always fun. If they come up with a better robot vacuum cleaner (a la Roomba). I may just break down and buy one or three. As for smarter phones unless they have some sort of super battery I won’t waste my time.


Admission is usually trade only but anyone with a business card, a pen and a creative flair can get in. (Dodgey up the card with your name and telephone /email and submit it. You may just get in for free!) 18+. Oh and don’t forget the AVN show at the Venitian (I think ).


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