Day One Entry: Jul 16, 2015

They be playin’!

Not bad for a neighborhood in da’ hood.

Just taking a break from online sales. It’s a bit of a manpower strain on our resources but long term we are evolving at to become not only a review site but also a concierge for tee times and folks that want to play golf together. It’s a winning combination. Something we have a leg up on the competition.

We have quality and quality always survives over quantity. Just take a look at Wal-Mart versus Target. We know our client base. We understand the concerns of a daily-fee golf course and we know how to meld the two. Watch out Golf-Advisor and Golf-Now we are gunning for you.

Of course I could be just posturing since they are the big ugly gorillas in the room but I for one am undaunted. I think golfers and golf courses alike need what we have to offer. We advise the average golfer where to play. We know when conditions are great.

Join us! Heck, join me!

72° Sunny
The Ghetto, Torrance, CA, United States

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