Some of my favorite golf links and other sundry items of interest.

www.ace-cases.com – ACE Premiere Products — My Day Job.

The Golf Girl’s Diary – She is my hero.

www.skygolfblog.com –  He travels the world and plays golf occassionally — all over the world!  How cool is that?

www.bogeysacrossamerica.com — Keith, the Golf Nomad, and resident “Fodor” of golf has been everywhere and is your average Golfer who happens to have played in almost every state of the Union.  Not bad for a guy who pens himself as a “regular guy with limited funds.”

www.threeguysgolfblog.com – This is my personal favorite.  They do product reviews over a broad category of golf apparel and gear with decent interviews throw in for good measure.


www.popeofslope.com  — Confused about your handicap?  Look no further.  He literally wrote the book.

www.brokentee.org — I play golf with these guys when I can.

www.thesandtrap.com — Smaller site but very active forums.  I believe they are Midwest based.  Forum Moderators are tough cookies.  I know this first hand.

www.golfwrx.com — Great site, they offer equipment reviews and other articles.  The forums however can be a bit rough for the faint of heart.

Greenskeeper.org – Golf Course Conditions including the dreaded Aeration Alerts! And my first love.  This is a very active site and member driven so get the HONEST low-down on your local golf course.  “Know Before You Go!” Golf.

www.bunkershot.com – Another online magazine that boasts up to date information on golf equipment and happenings in golf.  A must read if you like looking at pictures (which I do.)  You know the old saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

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