Golf from my perspective…

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I have been playing golf now for a little North of 30 years now.  And there are a few truths I have managed to piece together over the years.  Here is my little take on golf in no particular order.

  1. You chase a little white golf ball into a hole.  (Golf can’t get anymore simpler than that so why complicate it.)
  2. Just when you think you figured out something in your swing or in your game something else fails you.
  3. The short game (for me it’s 125 yards and in) is the most important part of your game.  Literally it’s 60-75% of your game so you better get proficient at it or it will be a LONG round of golf.
  4. It’s never the equipment; it’s always the golfer’s fault no matter what you say.
  5. I prefer to be lucky.  Good stands a distant second.
  6. Tiger Woods is to golf like breathing is for living.  (Face it Tiger haters if it wasn’t for this man and his faults golf would not be as popular as it is now.  You have to take the good with the bad.)
  7. Good golfers came in all sizes and shapes.  You can dress like a pro but that doesn’t mean you can smack that little white ball down the middle or break 100.
  8. Golf can be an obsession bordering addiction.
  9. If your girlfriend understands you play golf and doesn’t have a tirade over it — MARRY HER.  Life will be so much more simpler.
  10. Golfers always make sure they have clean heads, shafts and balls.  It’s all about good personal hygiene baby.

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