Marketing 101 — Giving Sizzle to your Product/Service

As I have said in the past marketing is the process of creating a message.

Not just any message but a simple, descriptive message that can create interest in your product or service.  Personally I like to keep that description to a single SIMPLE sentence.

Give that sentence some Sizzle.  Make it resonate with your audience.

My attention span is just that — fleeting.  I automatically tune out the noise.  Anything longer than a sentence and I typically zone out and focus on something else.  Must be my ADHD or something but the most difficult part of the marketing process is simplifying that description to its basest form so that it can easily understood, digested, and perhaps even acted upon.

Ask me about this site, and I typically tell my friends that bother to ask, “It’s a blog about golf through my eyes.”  If they are a golfer then they are interested  — and sometimes not.  If not well you’re not my market and I move on.

This is not to say I stick to my one sentence description.  In fact I expand on that description AFTER they have expressed an interest.  Why bother if they aren’t interested?  Focus on the ones that give their attention.

You need to separate the wheat from the chaff; from the disinterested to the interested.  You need to qualify your audience.  Stop wasting your time trying to be all things to all people.  Build your audience by focusing on those who would take an interest in your product/service and focus your one sentence definition that would resonate with them.  After that the rest is easy.

Just like I tell newbie sales folks in retail.  In retail when a shopper walks in your door you already have a customer.  The question you have to answer is what do they need that you have?  They already qualified themselves by walking into your door. The hard part — getting them in the door — is already done.  You just have to find out what they need.  Part of that is knowing your product.  The other part is asking the right questions to get to the bottom of what they want.  Likewise with simple one-sentence description of your product or service you can determine if there is interest.  From there you have to figure out for them how they can use what you have.

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