More Tips on Putting — Strategy and a Little Mechanics

Putting, Not Again?!
Putting, Not Again?!

3 foot putts are my bane.  There I said it.  I am owning that comment.  I swear the hole literally gets smaller the closer I get to the hole.  It’s like threading a needle with oven mitts.  I hate them.  That is to say, I loathe being in a position that close to the hole.

I should be happy.  I really should be happy.  Travel hundreds of yards every hole only to be slapped in the face by the cruel reality — I suck at putting.  It’s frustrating when you knock an approach shot within feet of the hole only to be robbed of your birdie.  I stand over my lonely white ball knowing I will miss that ever crucial putt.  I hate it.  I really really hate it.

Putting ChallengesLeaving that many strokes on the golf course only increases my frustration level.

Soft grip.  Firm grip.  Forward push.  Eyes over the ball.  Stroke the ball.  Putt through the ball to the hole.  Nothing seems to work consistently for me.  It sucks to be me.

Thankfully, been using soft hands lately that barely hold the putter and concentrating on rotating my core with good success on the greens.  I suppose the soft hands allow me to concentrate on the mechanics and the putting stroke instead of trying to manipulate the head of the club and force the ball into the hole.  Now, I can lag putts better so quick greens are not as daunting.  Keeping my fingers crossed it’s been relatively successful thus far.  Just have to believe I hit the ball hard enough to make it to the hole.

I can only dream of sinking a putt from 50 let alone 3 feet.

What I find and makes sense for me to try, I share.  Enjoy!

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