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Another DOH! Moment…. How to Chip/Pitch.

bitcoin-aha-momentGood God.  Was I born under a rock?

I swear there are folks WAY smarter than myself and this is just one of those occasions where even the most simplest of concepts evade me.

Don’t chip/pitch to the hole… well you do but what you really need to focus is chip/pitch to a spot where the ball can release to the hole.

Why chip to a spot?  Simple you take into consideration the undulations of the green.  You pick a spot where you want to ball to land so it can reach the hole.

You focus on the hole, you forget everything between you and the hole — and that is a lot of real estate you need to consider.  Besides you control where you hit the ball.  Once the ball lands those pesky things called momentum, gravity and friction take over and guess what — YOU HAVE NO CONTROL over those factors.   Coaxing that ball by yelling, body language — even the occasional pelvic thrust won’t make the ball move any closer to the hole.  Because if they did, bet your bottom dollar everyone would be doing it.

The only thing you can control is where you can put the ball on the green.  What it does after it lands…. it’s up to whatever deity you believe.

The subtleties not the details in golf are out to get you.

Throw in whatever pun you want but it’s as simple as “Location, Location, Location!”

Time to try this out.