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Hole-In-One Certificate

Never had one myself, but I know a whole slew of folks who did.

Funny thing is your group gets excited but the starters or the guys behind the counter don’t.  Personally I feel it’s a let down.  Wouldn’t you be more apt to remember a course that treated you right and seriously consider playing there again since you are treated so well?

In fact these are not that uncommon.  Actuaries at Hole In One insurance companies have calculated the chance of an average golfer making a hole in one at approximately 12,500 to 1, and the odds of a tour professional at 2,500 to 1.

May the odds be ever in your favor.  Look no further.

Every course should have this form available to those people who are lucky enough to score a hole in one.  Simply download this FILLABLE PDF file and print it out and give it to the lucky guy or gal who made their hole-in-one at your golf course.  At the very least someone may read this certificate and think lightening will strike twice and God forbid you actually get added business from a little piece of paper.

GK-Hole-In-One-Certificate by Greenskeeper.org

For the Hole-In-One Certificate sponsored by Greenskeeper.org, download the file:  Click HERE

More on the GK Mobile App for iPhone

Coming soon -- The GK Mobile App by Greenskeeper.org on iTunes
Coming soon — The GK App by Greenskeeper.org on iTunes

To say the UI (User Interface) of the GK Mobile App looks sleek is an understatement.  For the user, it offers simple intuitive management of your local golf courses, all at your fingertips.

Get local feeds of current golf conditions by reviews written by golfers like you and me for golfers.

Get Maintenance and Aeration Alerts.  No other application or website offers a more substantial listing of HONEST golf conditions anywhere.

Know Before You Go golf.  Don’t get stuck playing a lemon.

Current applications I have seen only talk about creating foursomes.  Let’s face it folks golf is a solitary game.  It’s you against the golf course.  Find out where to play with the GK Mobile App — hell bring a friend or three– then bag your phone so you can enjoy your round.

Current apps will drain your battery.  Where is the functionality of an app if it kills your phone during a round of golf?

Instead, Know Before You Go!  Find out the 411 of where to play.  What local golf conditions of golf courses are in your area.  See Pictures of these golf courses.  Find out what other golfers like yourself will have to say about these golf courses.  All in an honest format that you understand and navigate.

Be ready for it golfers the GK Mobile App is coming!

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Coming Soon — The GK App by Greenskeeper.org

Coming soon -- The GK App by Greenskeeper.org on iTunes
Coming soon — The GK App by Greenskeeper.org on iTunes

This in from the source himself on Instagram @greenskeeperorg and from his website.

The GK app by Greenskeeper.org  will be FREE!

What’s the big deal about this GK App?The biggest reason is this app allows you to consume all the most important information on Greenskeeper.org about golf courses much quicker and more conveniently. Many other reasons why the app will be of value to current and new Greenskeeper members…here are the highlights I mentioned in the Newsletter.

  • Newsfeed – all the information you find valuable on Greenskeeper.org streamed perfectly on your phone making it much easier to consume and engage with.
  • Content – take all the content on Greenskeeper.org (40,000+ reviews, 20,000+ photos, maintenance alerts, etc) and have it instantly available on your phone.
  • Communication – be able to message your golfing friends easily, use highly customizable push notifications, create a custom news feed, share photos, likes and comments. It’s totally loaded with with social networking features – this is a fun app.
  • Specials – its going to be very easy for you to find amazing deals and redeem them directly with golf courses right from your phone.
  • Golf Courses – golf course pages packed with information and organized.

Almost like a Travel Advisor for golf.  Is that genius or what?  You will have to decide for yourself.

Latest — Greenskeeper.org Mobile App (GK Mobile) Screenshot

Slick UI will make for an impressive user experience.  Know Before You Go with the GK Mobile App
Slick UI will make for an impressive user experience. Know Before You Go with the GK Mobile App

It’s coming!  The Greenskeeper.org Mobile App for the iPhone also known as the GK Mobile App is coming!!!  Over the next few weeks I will be posting additional screen shots of this really innovative tool for NICHE Social Media, for Golf, and for Golf Courses.

Be the first business or enterprise to take advantage of what we think will be the next big thing for Social Media and the Golf Industry.   Think of it, NICHE Social Media marketing targeting a specific audience in a specific region.  Stand above the noise of current social media platforms.  You can be as aggressive as necessary to make sure you are front and center of your core audience.  By leveraging Greenskeeper.org membership of over 65,000 registered members, an Opt-in newsletter base of 15,000, over 40,000 HONEST and informative golf course reviews  and a solid reputation in the golf course industry for over 10 years you can build your business the old fashioned way, one repeat customer at a time with updated techniques through the GK Mobile App that will carry your business to the next level and beyond.

Hey Golf Industry, the GK Mobile App is coming.  Be ready for it!

Marketing 101 — Bringing a New Product to Market

Simplify your message. Not as vulgar well maybe a little bit could work.

I have been in sales and marketing pretty much my whole professional life.  What I have come to realize is that sales like marketing is a process.  There is no quick and easy despite what some websites tout.  It’s a lot of hard work.  It’s a lot of blood, sweat and tears.  And most importantly it NEVER happens overnight.

A lot of folks lump sales and marketing together but they are two different tasks.  Sales is the process of selling your goods and services.  Marketing is informing your customers or prospects about your goods and services.  You can market your products and services in the process of selling your goods/services but you can never sell something without clear, concise marketing to promote a simple yet powerful message.  Marketing after all is the message.  It grabs your audience.  It promotes interest and hopefully with a little salesmanship — a purchase (sales).

The problem is creating that message.  What do you want to say?  How can you simplify it so folks can get it quickly and embrace your sales pitch?  Simple right?  Wrong.  There are a lot more folks smarter than you or me but there are also a lot of not so smart and unfortunately those not so smart outnumber us smart ones.  Will a picture give them the information they need instead of some verbose, slick advert.  Dumbing down your message is key.

Then once that message is created how do you spread the news about your product.  Will it be one-on-one?  Will you be speaking to a larger audience (i.e. a conference), or will you be mass marketing.  Once that is determined you will need to evaluate your work and tweak as necessary.  Do you have benchmarks in place that you can evaluate your message?  Positive or negative feedback is a good thing.  You can then make adjustments to hone your message to be as impactive as possible.  These are questions you need to honestly answer for yourself PRIOR to selling your product/services.

Nothing worse that being stumped by a question from a potential customer.  Your five minutes of fame are fleeting.  You have to be able to think fast on your feet or at least have a way to answer any and all questions (stupid or not) to the satisfaction of your audience.

More of what how to get that message out later.  For now be concerned with creating a simple message (a sentence will do) that will help you explain your product/services quickly to a total stranger.

Then take that message for a test drive.  See what your peers or prospects think of it.  Do they get the message or do you need to tweak it some more?  Rinse.  Repeat as necessary.  Saying it often actually makes the message appear more for rote than just an opinion and that is a good thing.  Conveying truths no matter what the context help create a positive rapport for your marketing.