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Putting — more attention to detail

This year one of my resolutions for my golf game is to improve my putting.  That is to say I want to be more consistent with my putts.

But what sort of consistency am I looking?  To say I want to putt better isn’t enough.  In fact I would hazard to guess that I need to be consistent with certain types of putts.

I need to objectify my selection so I can best evaluate my situation.

So that got me to thinking.  Where or what type of putts do I need to be consistent.  I can spout numbers as to why but what sort of putts will help me save pars or make birdies?

Then it dawned on me.  Long putts are OK but my chances are remote on making them consistently.  I am leaving too much to chance.  So short putts are the key but what sort of short putts should I make consistently?

I decided on a random distance, and I said two paces or around 5-6 feet.  Anything within 5-6 feet I want to hole out consistently.  Now how do I do that?

Been puttering around my local golf range today to figure out what I need to look for and I recall what one of my coaches told me long ago — Keep It Simple, Stupid.  So if I know the line a putt will roll and so long as I align myself properly (my set up) then all I really have to worry about is pace (speed) and distance.  But since I already know that I want to focus on just putts two paces from the hole, all I really have to worry about is the pace of my putt.

Focusing on just one thing instead of a plethora of other variables is liberating to say the least.  Now in order to ensure I have the proper pace I have to make sure my mechanics (my putting swing) is consistent so I can predict the path my ball will take.

Interesting.  I tell you scribbling these ideas down allows me to coordinate my thoughts so I can focus on the goal instead of a multitude of variables.

Now I just have to execute.  More on that later.