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Friday Foursome featuring Liam Warburton from Complete Player Golf

Here is another edition of the Friday Foursome.  This one featuring Liam Warburton from Complete Player Golf.  Golf Psych by trade, he gives some pretty solid advice to us Weekend Warriors out there to grind through and possibly play some good golf in the process.

I for one appreciate the fact he gave an inciteful answer to my question.  Never realized that the “yips” could be because you feel anxious or emotional.  Keep your feelings in check and focus on execution of the shot instead of letting the heat of the moment get the better of you.  Fine motor skills go out the window when you’re uncomfortable.  And most important trust your skill set.


P.S. I managed to get another question on the show …. again.  And for the record Ricky, I will never show my face.  I am shy.  Deal with it.  LOL.  #shy #afaceonlyamothercouldlove LOL