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Memory Overload for Iphone

Let’s face it, smart phones of today are habit forming.  You have a powerful computer, message center, social media hub, flashlight, appointment book, and camera with video capability all in the power of your palm.  And that is just for starters.

Having an iPhone you learn a few tricks from playing with the infernal machine.  Sometimes it’s a blessing.  Other times, I am not so fortunate.  I have noticed that memory is an important feature of the phone you can control using a few very intuitive measures.  One of them is controlling the number of programs or apps that are currently running on your phone either currently or in the background.

Something they don’t tell you is that your smart phone memory is used to help in processing as well as storage.  So it stands to reason the number of programs you have running in the background can adversely affect your phone’s performance as well.

To shut down these unneeded apps just do the following:

  1. Unlock your phone.
  2. Press your ‘Home’ button twice.  The ‘Home’ button on an iPhone is located on the faceplate just below the screen and looks like this.    Pressing the ‘Home’ button twice in rapid succession will pull up a list of all the contacts and programs currently operating in the background.

    iPhone Home Button
    iPhone Home Button
  3. To shut down the programs you don’t want running simply push the program screen up until it disappears.  Keep doing that until all the apps have been shut down.

That should free up enough memory on your phone to take a few more photos of the kids.

More on the GK Mobile App for iPhone

Coming soon -- The GK Mobile App by Greenskeeper.org on iTunes
Coming soon — The GK App by Greenskeeper.org on iTunes

To say the UI (User Interface) of the GK Mobile App looks sleek is an understatement.  For the user, it offers simple intuitive management of your local golf courses, all at your fingertips.

Get local feeds of current golf conditions by reviews written by golfers like you and me for golfers.

Get Maintenance and Aeration Alerts.  No other application or website offers a more substantial listing of HONEST golf conditions anywhere.

Know Before You Go golf.  Don’t get stuck playing a lemon.

Current applications I have seen only talk about creating foursomes.  Let’s face it folks golf is a solitary game.  It’s you against the golf course.  Find out where to play with the GK Mobile App — hell bring a friend or three– then bag your phone so you can enjoy your round.

Current apps will drain your battery.  Where is the functionality of an app if it kills your phone during a round of golf?

Instead, Know Before You Go!  Find out the 411 of where to play.  What local golf conditions of golf courses are in your area.  See Pictures of these golf courses.  Find out what other golfers like yourself will have to say about these golf courses.  All in an honest format that you understand and navigate.

Be ready for it golfers the GK Mobile App is coming!

If you like my article, be sure to “Like” it, comment here; share it with your friends.  Check out my latest golf course reviews on Greenskeeper.org.  

Latest — Greenskeeper.org Mobile App (GK Mobile) Screenshot

Slick UI will make for an impressive user experience.  Know Before You Go with the GK Mobile App
Slick UI will make for an impressive user experience. Know Before You Go with the GK Mobile App

It’s coming!  The Greenskeeper.org Mobile App for the iPhone also known as the GK Mobile App is coming!!!  Over the next few weeks I will be posting additional screen shots of this really innovative tool for NICHE Social Media, for Golf, and for Golf Courses.

Be the first business or enterprise to take advantage of what we think will be the next big thing for Social Media and the Golf Industry.   Think of it, NICHE Social Media marketing targeting a specific audience in a specific region.  Stand above the noise of current social media platforms.  You can be as aggressive as necessary to make sure you are front and center of your core audience.  By leveraging Greenskeeper.org membership of over 65,000 registered members, an Opt-in newsletter base of 15,000, over 40,000 HONEST and informative golf course reviews  and a solid reputation in the golf course industry for over 10 years you can build your business the old fashioned way, one repeat customer at a time with updated techniques through the GK Mobile App that will carry your business to the next level and beyond.

Hey Golf Industry, the GK Mobile App is coming.  Be ready for it!