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Coming Soon — The GK App by Greenskeeper.org

Coming soon -- The GK App by Greenskeeper.org on iTunes
Coming soon — The GK App by Greenskeeper.org on iTunes

This in from the source himself on Instagram @greenskeeperorg and from his website.

The GK app by Greenskeeper.org  will be FREE!

What’s the big deal about this GK App?The biggest reason is this app allows you to consume all the most important information on Greenskeeper.org about golf courses much quicker and more conveniently. Many other reasons why the app will be of value to current and new Greenskeeper members…here are the highlights I mentioned in the Newsletter.

  • Newsfeed – all the information you find valuable on Greenskeeper.org streamed perfectly on your phone making it much easier to consume and engage with.
  • Content – take all the content on Greenskeeper.org (40,000+ reviews, 20,000+ photos, maintenance alerts, etc) and have it instantly available on your phone.
  • Communication – be able to message your golfing friends easily, use highly customizable push notifications, create a custom news feed, share photos, likes and comments. It’s totally loaded with with social networking features – this is a fun app.
  • Specials – its going to be very easy for you to find amazing deals and redeem them directly with golf courses right from your phone.
  • Golf Courses – golf course pages packed with information and organized.

Almost like a Travel Advisor for golf.  Is that genius or what?  You will have to decide for yourself.