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5 Things to “Know Before You Go” Golfing

5 tips to “Know Before You Go” Golf
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Everyone has their top 10 list. I say to heck with that. I have 5 tips you will need when playing golf at any golf course of your choosing. 

1. Consult Greenskeeper.org for up to date golf course information. This database is by far the most exhaustive and up-to-date listing of current golf conditions anywhere. I have looked at @golfadvisor. I have looked at @yelp. I even looked at @tripadvisor. None of these websites have the HONEST low down on any course compared to @Greenskeeperorg. They don’t even hold a candle to GK. So when you’re traveling or playing locally consult Greenskeeper.org for golf course conditions for California, the Pacific NW (Oregon, Washington), Texas, Utah, Nevada, Arizona and Florida. You won’t be disappointed. 

Oh yes, remember GK also has a mobile page for you folks. Consider using http://greenskeeper.org/mobile/ Get conditions on-the-go complete with golf course reviews. 

2. Bring your golf clubs. Don’t laugh. Check to see your putter is in your bag and all other clubs you think you may need. You may laugh but when was the last time you took out your putter to practice and forgot to return it. I can see you picturing it leaning against your home office wall next to a bunch of balls scattered around your practice putting cup. 

3. Bring your golf shoes. I like to keep them in my golf bag but others don’t. Make sure you have them handy and with you when you head out otherwise playing in loafers can be quite interesting.

4. Bring enough supplies. Water, balls, tees. Save yourself some coin and spend it there at the golf course buying a hot dog from some hot/handsome cartgirl/guy. 

5. Check the weather and wear the appropriate clothing. Been caught too many times where I failed to dress for the weather. If it’s the extreme of either hot/cold it can be pretty daunting to play. Didn’t bring what you need, well get ready to spend a little coin at the golf shop prior to playing you will thank yourself for it. Wearing the appropriate clothing will not only help you play better golf but will ultimately save yourself from the pain of major recovery. I know it from personal experience. 

JohnnyGK smiling next to his tag line, "Know Before You Go"
JohnnyGK smiling next to his tag line, “Know Before You Go”

On a footnote, if it’s sunny drive or walk along the shaded areas. Save your strength. If it’s wet figure a way to keep your gear (particularly your gloves and grips) dry. I use ziplock bags personally with rubber bands for the shafts and a dry towel hung under my umbrella.

Good Luck!

Greenskeeper.org the ORIGINAL “Know Before You Go” Golf Crew

I have known JohnnyGK the founder of Greenskeeper.org for about nine (9) years.  And in all this time his tag line, “Know Before You Go” was on every piece of propaganda this cat could generate.  It was on all his adverts, his business cards, even the little postcards he would hand out to perspective members.

Fast forward nine years to the present and come to find out @golfadvisor a division of GolfNow (aka the Evil Empire) is using his intellectual property in several of their voice adverts AND commercials on the Golf Channel.  Well it took us all aback.

First they know who he is and what Greenskeeper.org represents — an adversary.  Second in what I can only assume is a negligent move on their part decided to use that phrase anyways for their own personal gain.  Clearly from my point of view, a definite dick move.

Now let’s see how they react to the court of public opinion.  All I can say is that someone is going to get paid and someone is going to lose.