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Los Amigos Golf Club — My Review in Photos

Seeing is believing.

I have pictures from before the course was placed under new management and my more recent photos with the new management’s handiwork.  I have to say the staff and management team here are doing a stellar job.  And seeing is believing.

Here are some of the old photos I took in March 2009 mixed in with present photos after Stratos Partners LLC (They operate Eagle Glen Golf Club in Corona) took over.

Seeing is believing.  The facelift is dramatic.  I would hazard to say it’s night and day the playing conditions then compared to now.  You don’t have to travel hours to play choice conditions.  Nowadays you just have to seek out golf courses like Los Amigos that actually care about the golf course they are charged.  Enjoy!

2009 - Hole 1 photo from the forward tee box
2009 – Hole 1 photo from the forward tee box
2014 Hole 1 a view from the Tee Box
2014 Hole 1 a view from the Tee Box
2009 - Hole 2 view from forward tee box
2009 – Hole 2 view from forward tee box
2014 - SCGA was here
2014 – SCGA was here and updated the distance markers


2009 - Hole 5 view from forward tee box
2009 – Hole 5 view from forward tee box
2014 - Hole 5 view from Tee Box
2014 – Hole 5 view from Tee Box
2009 - Hole 6 view from Tee Box
2009 – Hole 6 view from Tee Box
2014 Hole 6 view from Tee Box
2014 Hole 6 view from Tee Box
2009 - Hole 7 view from Tee Box
2009 – Hole 7 view from Tee Box
Hole 7 par 3 153 yards
2014 – Hole 7 par 3 153 yards


Los Amigos Golf Club — One Word — WOW!

Hole 1 Marker UpdatedLos Amigos is 6212 yard par 71 course located in Downey, California off Old School House Road.  Course was originally designed by William Bell one of California’s prolific golf course designers in his day.  

For those of you who know me, this used to be one of my favorite courses — always has been.  Unfortunately this course fell on some hard times.  The previous management was sacked and a new management team (Stratos Partnership LLC) was hired to manage this course.  Stratos also operates Eagle Glen Golf Club in Corona CA.  Needless to say the previous caretakers did not take care of this course at all.  It was a dog track surrounding juvenile hall — literally.  Greens were terrible, slow and bumpy.  To play this course was an ordeal.  The design was straightforward enough, and if you tore away the lackluster conditions you could see Los Amigos always had good bones and character.

Fast forward to today, this course was a pleasure to play. It may be a short course but will make you use every club in your bag.  The course has undergone some improvements.  A lot of the old landing spots have been replaced with bunkers; tightening the landing area, the turf is lush with good coverage, and even the greens are completely different from what I remember. I mean this course is in GREAT shape tee to green.  Side note:  It also looks like the SCGA has been there to measure distances so the scorecard appears to be updated.

Check out my post on Greenskeeper.org.  I also have a few photos up on Instagram @Ringworld. Be sure to LIKE them please and follow my golf meanderings.   I will have my Golf Course Review in Photos in an upcoming blog post here on Golfing-guru.com.

Scorecard has been updated.  The scorecard on the Los Amigos Distances recently updatedwebsite however needs to be updated.  Used to be a 70 par now it’s 71. Hole 9 was lengthened a little to become a short par 4. You can try to bomb the ball past the bunkers that protect it but it’s definitely a risk/reward scenario for the average golfer like myself.   Me, I laid up.  

Greens are perhaps the best I have seen on this course, period. They feel soft underfoot but roll true. The greens have good undulation so take a look at your ball from either side to get a good feel for the green. Fairways like I said earlier have good coverage. Lies may be on the thin side but very playable for this time of the year. Rough has been cut short as well and not as penalizing as you would think. Still the rough will take a lot out of your ball so stay away. Sand in the bunkers are white sandy beaches. If you don’t mind the beach you won’t mind hitting out of this fluffy, white stuff.   One thing I should say about the greens and bunkers though is FIX your divots and RAKE your bunkers. For the love of Pete folks take care of your course. It took a year and a half to bring this course from life support and to have the lot of you NOT take care of this, shame on you. 

Hole 15 dogleg left, trouble left and straight ahead 230 yards.  Hole 17 par 3 223 yards over water and trouble left. Greenside on Hole 17, notice the tiers and swaile Hole 14 par 4 335 yards dogleg left Hole 13 Par 4 429 yards dogleg right with water on right, trees left.  Hole 10 340 yards dogleg right Hole 9 redesigned.  258 Yards Hole 7 par 3 153 yards Hole 17 is a monster 223 yard Par 3 Hole 3 Par 3 155 yards.  Hole 4 a view from 150 yards Hole 5 view from 150 yards

Pace of play was OK. We were a twosome stuck behind a walking foursome, and they were two holes behind the group in front of them. They were fast enough it’s just we kept waiting on them.  

Comfortable Dining Area Updated Cafe AreaFacilities have also been updated. Cafe is redesigned and seats large groups comfortably. Their bar is also updated as well as the banquet room.  It has this old classic Craftsman style everyone likes so much; loads of wood and smooth surfaces.  

Hats off to the staff and maintenance crew. You guys have done a heck of a job and dare I say give Rio Hondo (just 5 blocks away)  a run for their money. The best way to describe my playing experience — Destination golf locally.  At $18 to walk at twilight it’s a deal especially with the long summer days. We finished with plenty of light teeing off at around 3pm. 

One thing to mention is the practice area. Wowzers. Two chipping areas; one with a small bunker. Two large putting areas, and a range with a grass hitting area with targets. Everything here seems a lot more inviting.  I also noticed a lot more business here. 

My advice if you are questioning whether to play here or not. Do! You won’t be disappointed.  And for the record, Los Amigos is back on my play list.

Now take that Golf Advisor, one more thing we the community here at Greenskeeper.org know that you don’t.