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The Ever Changing Face of Golf ….

San Luis Rey Downs CC in Bonsall
San Luis Rey Downs CC in Bonsall

Let’s be honest.  The golf industry is in dire straights.  If public golf courses don’t change their marketing or better still enhance their existing marketing efforts and embrace social media and coupons and the like, a lot more golf courses will follow suit.

All I am really saying is that they update they way they do business.  It’s still marketing.  It just happens to be a little more involved; meaning you have to earn your customer’s business.   Attract  golfers from outside your usual sphere of influence.

I knew these sort of situations existed, just never thought of a developed area literally falling into this category stranger things do happen.  But who ever heard of a developed area regressing to a swamp …. er marshland?

So long San Luis Rey Downs in Bonsall.  It’s been fun playing ya!