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Olivas Links — Ventura County Golf

Haven’t done this in a while.  In fact I haven’t played anywhere noteworthy in quite a while.

There is something noteworthy about Olivas Links and I thought I would share it.

Shadow -- Insert Golfer Here
Shadow — Insert Golfer Here

Folks from the Valley come here to beat the summer heat.  Ventura County enjoys cooler temperatures, some killer views and of course beaches.  What most folks don’t know about Ventura is the golf as well.  This place has a small town vibe and I suppose these residents prefer to keep it that way.  It’s all part of the charm.

Don’t get me wrong, there are other places like the Inland Empire and Carona that boast some pretty choice tracks but nothing quite compares to the mixture of climate and beaches in my personal opinion.

Just about now the clouds started to burn away and what was left was even more breathtaking.
Just about now the clouds started to burn away and what was left was even more breathtaking.

Played this weekend at Olivas Links with the Greenskeeper.org Casual Golf Outing crowd.  I even drove up a bit early to beat the traffic.  I was not disappointed.  The pictures do not do this place justice.  I swear it almost felt as I was walking onto a golf course in Monterey like the Links at Spanish Bay.  The clouds, the trees, the smell, everything brought back some pretty happy memories.

Overall the greens were hard to figure out.  The undulations if you didn’t know where the pins were placed could turn to be your undoing.  It was mine.  Even with a range finder I found it hard to determine the shape of the green if I wasn’t there standing on it.  Green speed was medium; becoming a little faster as the sun dried out the greens.  Fairways were lush; great coverage.  The rough had your mix of thick, thicker and that heather stuff you see at the British Open.  It was crazy.  Tee boxes were flat and well rotated.

Olivas Links Your Typical Marker for the Hole Practice Area -- Olivas LinksComparing both sets of 9 holes, I would say it’s a contrast.  The back 9 and it’s set up are completely different from the front.  In the front you could say, what you saw is what you got.  On the back, with the elevation changes it was hard to visualize your ball flight.  What looked far was in reality closer than you thought.  My advice, bring a range finder.

You could tell the current Superintendent knows his salt.  The staff here were helpful and attentive.

My humble opinion is I like the course.  It’s well designed, maintained and staffed and I would tell anyone that it’s money well spent to play here.  Add this as one of those courses you have to play and will enjoy.