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Watch the Roll, Not the Hole — Putting Tips

Watch the Roll and not the Hole
Watch the Roll and not the Hole


Sometimes your mechanics may be in tuned and you may need that extra bit of confidence or missing piece to help make your putting stroke that much more effective.

Been trying this little drill with a bit more success.  Pick a point along the path you want your ball to take and ensure your head rotates as you swing moves along that line.  At least for me I noticed my stroke was a bit more confident and on-line.  I don’t manipulate the head of my putter.  Instead the head stays on track.  I guess my eyes do manipulate my hands; hence my putter head.


Give it a try if you’re having the putting yips like myself.  And kiss your 3 putts good-bye.

More Tips on Putting — Strategy and a Little Mechanics

Putting, Not Again?!
Putting, Not Again?!

3 foot putts are my bane.  There I said it.  I am owning that comment.  I swear the hole literally gets smaller the closer I get to the hole.  It’s like threading a needle with oven mitts.  I hate them.  That is to say, I loathe being in a position that close to the hole.

I should be happy.  I really should be happy.  Travel hundreds of yards every hole only to be slapped in the face by the cruel reality — I suck at putting.  It’s frustrating when you knock an approach shot within feet of the hole only to be robbed of your birdie.  I stand over my lonely white ball knowing I will miss that ever crucial putt.  I hate it.  I really really hate it.

Putting ChallengesLeaving that many strokes on the golf course only increases my frustration level.

Soft grip.  Firm grip.  Forward push.  Eyes over the ball.  Stroke the ball.  Putt through the ball to the hole.  Nothing seems to work consistently for me.  It sucks to be me.

Thankfully, been using soft hands lately that barely hold the putter and concentrating on rotating my core with good success on the greens.  I suppose the soft hands allow me to concentrate on the mechanics and the putting stroke instead of trying to manipulate the head of the club and force the ball into the hole.  Now, I can lag putts better so quick greens are not as daunting.  Keeping my fingers crossed it’s been relatively successful thus far.  Just have to believe I hit the ball hard enough to make it to the hole.

I can only dream of sinking a putt from 50 let alone 3 feet.

What I find and makes sense for me to try, I share.  Enjoy!

Coach UP:  Golf Tips on Putting


Distance Putting — a Drill

Suzy Whaley PGA Professional shows a little drill about distance putting
Suzy Whaley PGA Professional shows a little drill about distance putting

More from PGA.com.  A Distance Putting drill from PGA Professional, Suzy Whaley.

As my other posts about putting, I am researching how others become better putters.  I am going to add more of these little gems as the year moves forward.  In the meantime you can at least glean a little sage advice on how others attempt to make long and short putts.  Who knows you may be able to incorporate this into your practice routine.

Click the link below:



Stop Leaving Putts Short — a Drill

Been researching more about how others practice their putting and I came across a huge resource at PGA.com.

One thing I can appreciate, the advice is free and it’s just that — advice.  I can listen and if it makes sense perhaps I can add it to my practicing.  I encourage you to do the same.  A little knowledge in this case can be a good thing.

Suzy Whaley PGA Professional gives one of her drills to help stop leaving putts short.
Suzy Whaley PGA Professional gives one of her drills to help stop leaving putts short.

Click the link below and find out from PGA.com this really interesting drill to help you stop leaving your putts short.


Improve your Putting Consistency — a Drill.

Matt Hilton teaches one of his drills for a more consistent putting stroke.
Matt Hilton teaches one of his drills for a more consistent putting stroke.

Came across this the other day and thought I would share it.  I am all for putting consistency especially if the advice makes sense.

This makes sense.

Now I am going to try this bad boy out.  Wish me luck!


Matt Hilton teaches one of his drills for a more consistent putting stroke.


Improve Your Putting Consistency Drill

Putting — more attention to detail

This year one of my resolutions for my golf game is to improve my putting.  That is to say I want to be more consistent with my putts.

But what sort of consistency am I looking?  To say I want to putt better isn’t enough.  In fact I would hazard to guess that I need to be consistent with certain types of putts.

I need to objectify my selection so I can best evaluate my situation.

So that got me to thinking.  Where or what type of putts do I need to be consistent.  I can spout numbers as to why but what sort of putts will help me save pars or make birdies?

Then it dawned on me.  Long putts are OK but my chances are remote on making them consistently.  I am leaving too much to chance.  So short putts are the key but what sort of short putts should I make consistently?

I decided on a random distance, and I said two paces or around 5-6 feet.  Anything within 5-6 feet I want to hole out consistently.  Now how do I do that?

Been puttering around my local golf range today to figure out what I need to look for and I recall what one of my coaches told me long ago — Keep It Simple, Stupid.  So if I know the line a putt will roll and so long as I align myself properly (my set up) then all I really have to worry about is pace (speed) and distance.  But since I already know that I want to focus on just putts two paces from the hole, all I really have to worry about is the pace of my putt.

Focusing on just one thing instead of a plethora of other variables is liberating to say the least.  Now in order to ensure I have the proper pace I have to make sure my mechanics (my putting swing) is consistent so I can predict the path my ball will take.

Interesting.  I tell you scribbling these ideas down allows me to coordinate my thoughts so I can focus on the goal instead of a multitude of variables.

Now I just have to execute.  More on that later.