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Golf Specials — Three Easy Steps

Where to find the deal on your next golf outing.

Everyone uses GolfNow.  It’s the big elephant in the room.  It’s national and has tee times for pretty much every golf course in the nation.  It’s a great website but sometimes there is just too much noise.  Too many choices handicap my decision making process.

Fleshing out deals in your local area can be difficult but not impossible.  Just for a point of reference, to me local is a 50-75 mile drive one way — Yes, I am a golf fanatic and will drive that far for a round of golf, sometimes even further.

  1. One of the things I do is first find out golf conditions of some golf courses that interest me on either GolfAdvisor or Greenskeeper.org.  For me I feel the golf course reviews on Greenskeeper are a little more accurate and a lot more informational compared to GolfAdvisor.  To illustrate, few sentences about an individual’s round of golf really doesn’t interest me.  However a few sentences of how the greens rolled, the fairway coverage and rough are exactly what the doctor ordered.  I tend to get later from Greenskeeper.org.
  2. Now if it’s not my birthday, I will check out the Golf Specials page on Greenskeeper.org and compare the prices shown compared to GolfNow and the rack rate.  If the golf conditions are favorable and the price is right I tend to use the Golf Specials page at Greenskeeper.org.
  3. To redeem the coupon on Greenskeeper.org just click through the link and print out the coupon.  Show up to the golf course and redeem it.

It’s that simple.  You can even sort these deals by region to help minimize the noise and focus on where you want to play golf next.

Good Luck.