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Alondra Park Golf Course — Patrons Don’t Care and It Seems Neither Does the Superintendant


You get two sets of 9 -- First 9 is OK, next 9 is embarrassingly laughable.  Superintendent sharpen those blades and at least cut the grass level.
You get two sets of 9 — First 9 is OK, next 9 is embarrassingly laughable. Superintendent sharpen those blades and at least cut the grass level.

I am embarrassed to even say I live near this course. I am even more embarrassed I played here last week. For my money I should have played Chester — at least they give a darn about their facility. For the amount of money they spent on fixing/redesigning the front 9 you would have thought someone, hell anyone, would have taken their heads out of you know where and at least maintained the bloody place. 

OK Rant over. This is the skinny. 

Front 9 greens are OK. A little on the slow side and expect some moderate rolls/release for golf shots. Fairways also on this front 9 are respectable. Rough is cut almost the same height as the fairways so non issue. Bunkers are sandy. 

Now the back 9. What the hell is wrong with greens 10,11, and 12? 10 is a disaster with patches on 2 sides of the green,  with loads of dead or dying grass in the middle of the green. I mean put a bloody temporary hole on 10 and let the bloody thing heal itself. Hole 11, Superintendent sharpen your blades. Dull blades make the putting surface on these greens bumpy and that combined with the afternoon light makes for some really crazy bounces. Also quite a few bald patches on this green make for an interesting trip to the hole.  Balls as you can surmise DO NOT ROLL true. And 12 is healing but as I said before sharpen those blades. It seems the disease that hit 12 made its way backwards to 11 then 10.  Like I heard an American Golf District manager say at another golf course, “customers want fast greens. That means verticut and sand every week. And keep doing it until you get the speed right.” At least these guys, even though some folks characterize American Golf as the Evil Empire, put their money where their mouth is. For Alondra my advice City Council seek other management. It’s a dog track in a place where golf is scarce. I can count the number of golf courses in the area on my hands alone. And with the South Bay so built up, this place drips of hungry consumers of golf.  The greens at the Lakes are better than they are here — literally night and day. $22.75 to walk here versus $15.00 to head over the Lakes and play 9 in under an hour — pretty tempting in my book. Even Victoria is looking good now. Hell anything looks better than what I subjected myself to that day.  

Sometimes I just bite and bullet and head to another course with Alondra just around the corner from me. It’s a shame really.  I mean you could seriously make this place one of the showcase courses in the South Bay.   Case in point Skylinks in Long Beach it was an OK course with substandard greens, now after the remodel they market it as a destination golf location and charge accordingly.  

Pace of play (twilight) was a sizzling 3 hours. This is a flat course. It has some character that is lost when you have to putt on some of the worse greens I have seen. The greens remind me of Los Amigos before the management change. The guy just didn’t care. And it shows when you have to fix divot after divot or rake somebody elses mess in a bunker because they just didn’t bother.

Truthfully it’s partly the patron’s fault as well. The folks that play here really don’t take care of the facility themselves.   Golfers are the custodians of the golf course they play — at least that was how I was taught when playing a golf course.  I can’t tell you how many divots I had to fix on these greens and I know for certain they are not all done by my lonely ball.  All that damage that goes unfixed means the Superintendent has to double his efforts to fix your handiwork.  On the other hand, the Superintendent needs to make sure his staff is doing the job right the first time.  I mean at least fix the darn lawn mower, sharpen a few blades and make sure the cut is even.  You do your part and we will instinctively do ours.  

It’s the case of the chicken and the egg.  Each party is equally guilty and neither has the courage to step up and stop the madness.  

You get more challenge playing the par 3 course at Alondra instead and better value. At least there the greens are all spongy so there is some consistency there but they are narrow and small — in other words some challenge. On the big course you’re given some bad greens, an OK fairway and some OK rough — once again nothing special. 

Bottomline, will I play here again? Only if you put a gun to my head. Or in fact I need to punish myself further.