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Keeping your game simple…The Set-Up.

I have always had trouble with this.

There are too many variables in your swing.  Or so I thought.

There is hope though.  Consider this.  Your body already knows the golf swing.  So why complicate that swing and limiting it.  Your swing doesn’t have to be perfect.  We don’t draw pictures.  We take score.  Don’t complicate your swing with a long laundry list of must do’s in your swing.  Keep it simple.  Allow yourself one swing thought.  But even simpler than that.  Break down your swing into several parts.  In other words there should be two things you should be thinking about — direction and distance; everything else is fluff.

Direction is in the set-up.  Distance is in the swing itself.  Set yourself up to succeed by pointing yourself in the right direction.  Once that is set or set to the best of your ability you no longer have to worry about direction.  Your shot is whatever your shot will be.  Why worry about direction now?  Instead focus on distance.  Get the ball to the target.  That should be your only concern once your have lined up to your target.

When my swing goes out the back door my fall-back position is always my set-up.  My reset button if you will when all else fails.  Do you have something you can call upon to ground you?

For me it’s simple.  My pre-shot routine may be silly but it helps my focus and essentially sets my body to the task at hand.  In less than 30 seconds (15 seconds typically) I have myself aligned to my target and the proper swing thoughts in my head; ready, swing, hit my target.

Essentially it’s this.  I take a practice swing.  I make sure I have the proper feeling in my swing (for me it’s to ensure I make a proper turn — I have a bad back.)  Then I walk up to my ball and align myself to my target.  I set myself then I simply make sure I have my swing thought (it’s “short turn.”) And then I make my swing.  If I hit the ball well or not I move on to the next shot.

It’s that simple.  I hit a bad shot, no sweat, I can recover.  Move on.

Without a solid routine I know I won’t hit my intended target.  Why?  I leave too much to chance.  Maybe I will hit it or maybe I won’t.  I know however if I take the time to do my set-up I have a better chance of hitting the target.  And confidence in your swing helps your golf game.  Doubt is the killer.

One thing that stuck in my head that a semi-pro pool player (yes a pool player) told me once.  If you walk up to your ball without an idea of what you want to do in your head, you already missed your shot.  Take that to heart folks.

Take the time to pick a target.  Once you have that target, line up yourself to your target.  Set yourself, then allow yourself a single swing thought.  Don’t complicate it.  Keep it simple.  Then swing away.

Don’t linger over the ball.  A bad shot takes about the same amount of time as a good shot so why dwell over the ball.  Just hit it.