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More Screen Shots of GK Mobile App for your consideration

The User Login Screen looks slick.  So what’s so great about this app versus others?

GK Mobile may sport a new logo but under the hood of this beast of an app beats the combined contribution of over 65,000 members,  40,000+ Reviews, 20,000 + photos of over 1,700 golf courses.  It is a self-perpetuating model conceived by its founder JohnnyGK.

Coming soon -- The GK App by Greenskeeper.org on iTunes
Coming soon — The GK App by Greenskeeper.org on iTunes

No other site I know of offers members, both casual and serious, the most honest and up-to-date information about golf courses they want to play.

Members regularly contribute information about golf courses and their conditions.  Greenskeeper has evolved over the past 10 years into a much respected website in the golf industry.  Top that off with the book Social Golf, a how-to manual for golf course operators to leverage their own customer base using social media to grow their business. You would think GK Mobile would be a likely progression of this book — and you would be right.  GK Mobile may be a necessary piece of the puzzle for any golf course operator trying to contact these golf enthusiasts.

Unlike its competitors, GK Mobile comes out of the gates sprinting to the finish line.  It brings with it all the information on its still very successful website to a mobile platform.  No need to “build” it’s audience because the audience is already there.  No need to build up your database of golf course information because it’s already there.  And top it off with golf course maintenance alerts, a euphemism for green aeration, this blogger thinks it’s a winning combination for both the golf consumer and the golf course operator.

You can truly “Know Before You Go” Golf.  Literally.  Take that Golf Advisor!

You already know who you will be golfing with.  With GK Mobile you will know where and when to play at a golf course near you.

Keep swinging!