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Victoria Golf Course — A Course Review

Played here Wednesday this week and if you haven’t played here in a while, let me just say I understand.  I know your trepidation about what I am going to tell you folks.  Get ready, here it comes….

The conditions here are perhaps the best I have seen in quite a while.

Three holes are still under construction (7, 11 and 13) and play as short par 3s.  The rest of the course from tee to green I would describe as better than your average Municipal golf course.

Tee Boxes are relatively flat.  Fairways are a little soft from the new sod so expect the course to play longer.  Today with the soot in the air I had to play an extra club just to hit my targets.  Sand in bunkers is relatively new and well maintained.  Green complexes are in good shape even after what looks like an aeration.  The speed of the greens as the day progressed (we started around 10AM) was faster and faster.

The greens have healed well after maintenance.  All that is left is a light top-dressing (of sand), so expect puts to slow down and turn when they hit these little patches.  They are doing light maintenance around the collar of several greens (4, 7 and 8) where they ran their plug machine.

Pace of play was OK.  We were stuck behind an older 3-some that really didn’t have urgency to their game.  They did however start to speed up after 14.

I am impressed.  If you ever played their course before the renovation you would agree.  Hitting off of dirt can be taxing.  This instead was a joy.  The fairways had good coverage.  The waste areas are still waste areas.  Trouble is still trouble, but there is grass on those fairways and it’s actually growing!

I like what they have done to improve the place.  Hats off to the Superintendent and his staff.  You’re doing a heck of a job considering all the problems from last year.  From what I understand this is one of the first golf courses built on reclaimed land.  In a former life this was literally a dump.  A lot has been gleaned from the mistakes so it’s nice to see the improvements.  They have been long time in coming.

So would I recommend playing here?  You betcha.  We walked on at 10AM mid-week and managed to finish a round in 4 hours.   Your mileage may vary but I suspect most golfers can finish in record time — not bad for a city course.   Conditions are the best I have seen here in quite some time.  Wait for them to finish the last 3 holes roped off?  Perhaps but having this course as part of your monthly golf line-up is just another viable alternative I am sure most who play here will enjoy.