Understanding WordPress

Understanding WordPress

I knew this platform was a pretty rock solid method to build and maintain a website but what happened this week with the WooCommerce update to 2.6 from 2.5.5 really put things into perspective.

I use this site to experiment with different combination of plug-ins.  My main site Blog.Greenskeeper.Org is really my baby.

The thing that made me sit up and realize how really powerful WordPress is are these wonderful gems — the plug-ins.

Literally they are like an onion.  You can build layers upon layers of plug-ins all working together.

With the recent update for WooCommerce my website was sent into a tailspin.  Suddenly Http 500 errors were popping up.  And to a novice like me I could not even get into the WP dashboard to fix the problem.

Enter tech support.  They showed me how to use the File Manager to access the errorlog file of the website and literally view all the errors on the website preventing it from working.  Then by moving the folder plug-ins under wpcontent folder out of that folder you can easily remove any plug-in and get your site at least up and functioning -somewhat.  The kicker is using the WordPress.Org repository you can install/roll-back a previous version of the plug-in that worked.  And in under a half hour get your site back and running properly again.

Meanwhile you can write to the authors of the plug-in culprit and hopefully get an update to remedy the matter.

More on how to do this in detail later.

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