What’s in your bag?

I try to walk when I play golf.  It gives me a chance to set myself up mentally for the next shot.

In order to walk without carrying too heavy a load, I have been forced to economize.  This is what is in my bag.

Titleist 9.5* 909D2
Titleist 13.5*909F2
Titleist 18.5* 909F2
Titleist 21* 910H
Ping PAL 3 Anser Putter 25″ with an oversized grip
Ping Eye2 irons PW – 5i
Sonartec 60* Wedge
Cleveland 56* Wedge

To keep myself entertained I have an assortment of Nick Knacks and my ‘SC Ball Marker.  I use a Sun Mountain Sunday Bag. It’s tiny! But still HEAVY! Finally a sleeve of Costco’s own Callaway golf balls.  It’s a great three piece ball

So what’s in your bag?

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